Love, Sex and No Regrets

Elizabeth Clark has delivered the book we all wish we had as a teenager but can now have as a parent  Love, Sex and No Regrets. In this important book, Elizabeth has devised a unique and very effective approach that speaks frankly to the younger reader without condescension or judgement. She has created a nineteen-year-old girl as the book’s narrator. She warns and educates in a style teens will read far more readily than conventional, nonfiction self-help books. In this way, her narrator discusses privately and openly what she has learnt about attraction, feeling sexual, setting limits, abusive situations, respecting yourself and much more.

A counsellor of teens for nearly thirty years based in Colorado, USA, Elizabeth Clark was driven to create this book for parents – so that they had something they could pass on to their teen and (ideally) have a tool for initiating discussions on sensitive topics. In her research with teens and their world, she became even more aware of how things have changed for teens in the last ten years. Internet access to porn with its emotional disconnection in sexual encounters and distorted depictions of sexuality has lead to a whole range of disturbing consequences. 

Elizabeth writes: ‘Surveys of teens say they wish their parents would talk to them more about sex. Really.With all their access to everything sexual, why would they care what you had to say? Because most of the stuff they are hearing from movies and TV and porn are fantasies being sold to them as truths. And when they try and emulate these fantasies in real life, they are terribly disappointed and often injured by the experience. Most of them cannot put words to this. Most of them believe this is as good as it gets. Most of them silently think something is wrong with them because they are terrified or simply not enjoying it. I have known many barely eighteen-year-old girls who apathetically say they are finished with sexuality.’

Praise for Love Sex and No Regrets

‘This is the book I wish I had when I was a teen. Entertaining, honest, informative and empowering, [it] demystifies love, sex and everything in between.’
– Daria Snadowsky, author of Anatomy of a Boyfriend

‘Elizabeth Clark is the very best sex educator in the world. Her writing on this subject knows no peer. She is especially interested in what parents can do during the sexual awakening years of their children.’
– Steve Biddulph, author Raising Boys, 10 Things Girls Need Most, Manhood

'For some time I have been documenting girls experiences with porn-saturated boys. Girls relate cold, soul-less hook-ups which leave them feeling hurt and used, of sexual bullying and harassment, of not knowing how to say ‘no’, of putting up with sex acts they don’t welcome or enjoy, of feeling like sexual service stations for boys, of emotional disconnection in scenarios where intimacy, tenderness and authentic human connection play no part. Reading Love, Sex, No Regrets, it seemed the author had spoken to the same girls. 
Elizabeth Clarke describes fast, unpleasant, unsatisfying, disconnected sex which offers nothing ‘artful, masterful or even sweet and tender.’ Elizabeth describes sex as ‘a huge part of our spiritual world, our desire for connection, our search for meaning and purpose.’ 
This long overdue and refreshingly real book will help girls fight back against pornography’s indoctrination, to recognise that bad sexual experiences injure their bodies and minds, to stand up for themselves, to avoid boys who are cruel sexually and socially, and to be empowered and self-caring enough to put their minds, bodies and spirits above impersonal, detached and meaningless sexual transactions. In short to see that sex is, in Elizabeth’s words, 'too intimate to compromise'.'
– Melinda Tankard Reist, author, speaker, advocate for women and girls, co-founder Collective Shout: for a world free of sexploitation. Author of  Getting Real: Challenging the sexualisation of girls and Big Porn Inc: Exposing the harms of the global pornography industry, both Spinifex Press