Elizabeth Clark – with some points about the book

Elizabeth Clark with some points about Love, Sex and No Regrets

Elizabeth encourages parents to read the book. ‘You can use the information to start discussions. You can also give the book to your teen when you feel they are ready.’ She says that they actually want to talk to us but find it hard. The answer, she has found, is to begin with small steps. First of all you need to create an opening. Ask them, as casually as you can, ‘So, what is going on in your love life?’ Love is a more respectful term to use than ‘sex life’.

A Silver Lining

‘Please know there is very, very good news. I found that simply telling kids about the miseducation of porn, and about the truth of real, healthy sexuality is enough. Our kids are very fast learners. They are very motivated to have good sex lives. This is the great news.

‘The hard news is that we may have to be talking to our kids about sexuality before it is developmentally appropriate. This is because so many of them and/or their peers are exposed to sexually explicit material far before they are sexually mature. I promise that a small bit of information when they are young, and a bit more when they hit adolescence can take care of most of the problems that occur due to the access to the cyber world. This won’t take care of all the problems associated with teen sexuality, but it does help them with their miseducation.’

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