Let’s Start The Conversation

So Let's Start The Conversation

I’m so happy…

I’m happy because we are finally talking about it!

It…you know…sex.

We’ve never talked about it…not really. We’ve just sort of done it...figured it out.

And that was okay…until the internet, and, still, no one was really talking about it, we just started having a lot more access to all sorts of it over the internet.

And that was okay…except internet it quickly got influenced by internet porn, and well, then, that’s when it went from okay to all messed up.

It’s been about ten years…ten years that porn has been mis-educating us…influencing us…becoming our model of sexuality.

It’s taken ten years to start talking about the it, the sex, of now.

Oh well, here we are…and we are talking about it, everyone is talking about it.

We’re talking about what’s gone wrong…what’s messed up…how it is effecting girls/women…how it is effecting boys/men…how it is effecting our futures.

Like I said, I am so happy. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this because I am all about happy, and this porn-inspired sex has been robbing us of happiness.

I’m a therapist, and happy is what therapy is all about.   We sit and talk to therapists hoping we will feel happier.

I study happy. I adore happy. I know a few things about happy.

I know there are five key things that lead to happiness.

They are:

  1. We belong to a community.
  2. We have something to give that community.
  3. We are healthy enough.
  4. We are wealthy enough, (can pay our bills and have a bit more left over.)

Oh…and number 5?

  1. We have good sex lives!!!

For me the important words in number 5 are good and lives.

What’s good? We used to know this one…before internet porn. We used to know that good sexuality was fun, pleasurable, respectful, safe and emotionally connected.

Simple ingredients.

Porn will tell you sex is fast, unkind, mechanical, and emotionally disconnected.

And what about our sex lives? Well, that’s the ticket…isn’t it? Our sex lives start when our sexual bodies wake up and last til the day we die. From our first crushes, to figuring out our own bodies, to kissing, to dating, to fooling around, to relationships, to sex, to long term partnerships, to kids, to more sex…to all of it.

They are our sex lives.

And you are at the starting gate.

And we are talking about it.

I’m so happy!

- Elizabeth Clark

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