So why have THE conversation at all?

Elizabeth Clark starts off her series of 5 tips for parents on how to talk with their teenager, by reassuring us all that it is worth and that somewhere in there someone is listening. Her is Elizabeth in her first chat via zoom from her home in Colorado.


 It’s almost more important now to have this conversation than long ago, with that said it is still a hard thing to get started, so here’s some tips for that.

And I want you to be inspired on why you would do this is to remember as parents we are the most influential people in their world as far as their behaviour, their choices and their behaviour.

And this is especially true with sex and sexuality.

So if we do it and the key words are if we do that, if we sit down and start having some conversations with them, they will listen to us, they may not seem like they are, but I promise you that we are the most influential.

If we don’t the next thing that will influence them the most is not teachers and Aunty Jane and my book that is not what influences them the most. The next most influential thing is visual media and that means television series, that means movies, that means internet porn so that should inspire you enough to start these conversations.

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