Tip#2 Go Slow

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Tip #2 about how to start the conversation with you kids about sexuality

Always give them a heads up that you are going to have a conversation in the future about romance or love life or the cyber world.

What this does is it gives you it gives everyone the space, this moment, this pause to start thinking about “mm what are we going to say?”

Instead of saying “we’re going to have this conversation now”, and everybody gets tense and up tight and defensive.

But if you say that sometime in the future we have to start this conversation then the kids, can sit around after they get rid of the “Oh My Gosh” then they can start thinking about what do I want to know, what do I want to share.

And like me I think you can start thinking what do I want to share, I remember sitting down and thinking that I have to have this conversation.

What is it exactly that I want my kids to know and sometimes it’s surprising what you really want them to know.

So it’s nice to have that time to gather your thoughts before you sit down.

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