Tip #3 Find out where they are at…

Tip #3 How to Talk to your Teen about Sex and Sexuality.

The best way to start this conversation is not with you telling them what you think they should know. It’s asking them questions. Asking them questions about what’s going on in their friends world, what’s going on in their world, and you have to include the cyber world.

The Cyber world is a very big part of their sexual world these days, so you have to ask “Hey what’s going on in your cyber world”

Again when you do this you find out where they are developmentally. That is actually how I start all conversations about anything sexual with teens is “hey what is going on in your cyber world?”

And if they go “nothing” and start you know looking up things about Harry Potter, then I think ok they are not there.

But if they squirm and say “well this guy asked me for this…” then I know where they are and what sort of things they are into.

Elizabeth Clark

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