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Create some relationship goals

We all want to have great lives...lives full of worth, fun, prosperity, confidence, belonging and celebration.  As we get older our romantic and sex lives have a lot to do with how great our lives will be. 

When you write down your goals for anything, you increase your chances of attaining that goal by a lot…so why not write down our goals for our love lives?

Here are some questions to help articulate your hopes for your future sex lives:


1.        If everything went perfectly, what would your sex life be like?

2.       How would your deepest desires for your sex life keep in alignment with your highest values?

3.       How could your sex life add to your life and not take away from your life?

4.       What are some of your favorite images of romance and sexuality…from movies, TV, books, videos?

5.       What are you willing to do with others sexually?

6.       How can you make sure your partners will honor your desires?

This is an organic statement meaning it can grow and change as you do, so keep altering and adjusting it as you get older and wiser with more experience and knowledge. 

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