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Foreward By Steve Biddulph

I first came across Love, Sex and No Regrets in a little hand-printed edition, all the way from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. And it knocked my socks off. It was funny, sexy and wise, and it had an approach to love that was so affirming and joyful, in a world that is mostly full of danger and misuse.

And oddly, it was the answer to that world. A kind of compass/radar/inner wisdom that could get a young person right to where the good stuff is, while avoiding the bad. And without any of the embarrassing stuff, which they know anyway.

The best thing about the book is that while it is purportedly aimed at teens, it is actually an advanced guide to love for anyone of any age.

The problem we have in the world today is not that there is too much sex in our faces everywhere, but that it’s not really sex at all, it’s just – I don’t know – lost people getting more lost. Sad and empty humping and pumping … like getting the most amazing ice cream in the whole world and trying to shove it in through your belly button, instead of actually tasting it.

Young love is so awesomely wonderful when it’s done right, with vulnerable openness, and shy exploration, talking and absolute full attention to the here and now. And, well, you know what I mean. We get a glimpse of heaven, and we are happy for the rest of our lives to make that journey back.

In a world that says either ‘get her done’ or ‘don’t do it’, Love, Sex and No Regrets is the voice of a mysterious desert witch, warrior woman, goddess godmother saying ‘do it well!’. Do it slow. Do it the way you choose, by listening to your inner voice. Build the fire. Test the waters. Set the bar high. Take some risks, but don’t settle for less than everything right. Get your heart and your mind and your body all lined up and see what a storm that can make.

I was training a group of advanced therapists in the year when I discovered this book. They were the best 12 therapists in the state, women mostly, and far more worldly wise than me. I bought multiple copies and asked them all to read it. They grinned so broadly when they returned my copies, I almost wasn’t game to ask what they thought. But I did, and they all said ‘Yes!’

Steve Biddulph (who was young once and really, still is) Adjunct Professor of Psychology, author of Raising Boys, Raising Girls and The New Manhood