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5 Tips For Teens on How to Talk To Your Parents About Sex.

So…if you have some questions about crushes, romance and/or sex it is often a good idea to talk with your parents, because, truthfully, most teens who talk to their parents have better love and sex lives than kids who don’t.  I think this is because 1) we might get some wisdom and 2) when we talk to our parents about…

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Our Sexual Statements

Create some relationship goals We all want to have great lives…lives full of worth, fun, prosperity, confidence, belonging and celebration.  As we get older our romantic and sex lives have a lot to do with how great our lives will be.  When you write down your goals for anything, you increase your chances of attaining that goal by a lot…so…

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Faking It #1: Izguh

A teen tells me she’s done something sexual recently.  I say, “I don’t want details, but how was that for you?”  (I’m a therapist…I ask those kinds of things.) There used to be all sorts of answers to that question, but now there’s mostly just one. “Izguh.” Izguh is really three words slurred together.  The words are It, was, and…

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13 Reasons Why. Watch it, don’t watch it … but it is out there so maybe we should chat about it?

Teens are watching it. Adults are scared. 13 Reasons Why – Netflix series Teens are watching it.  Adults are scared. This makes 13 Reasons Why important…and it is important because it gives a fairly accurate picture of what is great and horrid about most teens’ lives these days. I know…teens have always had great and horrid lives…they are playing with…

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Let’s Start The Conversation

So Let's Start The Conversation I’m so happy… I’m happy because we are finally talking about it! It…you know…sex. We’ve never talked about it…not really. We’ve just sort of done it…figured it out. And that was okay…until the internet, and, still, no one was really talking about it, we just started having a lot more access to all sorts of…

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