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Tip #4 #4 Tip #4 for how to start conversations with your teen about sex and sexuality. Always allow your teens, doesn’t matter where you are in the conversation, to get defensive or embarrassed or dismissive, just allow it, don’t get into a fight about it, because this is a topic that is difficult and it probably means that it is…

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13 Reasons Why. Watch it, don’t watch it … but it is out there so maybe we should chat about it?

Teens are watching it. Adults are scared. 13 Reasons Why – Netflix series Teens are watching it.  Adults are scared. This makes 13 Reasons Why important…and it is important because it gives a fairly accurate picture of what is great and horrid about most teens’ lives these days. I know…teens have always had great and horrid lives…they are playing with…

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Let’s Start The Conversation

So Let's Start The Conversation I’m so happy… I’m happy because we are finally talking about it! It…you know…sex. We’ve never talked about it…not really. We’ve just sort of done it…figured it out. And that was okay…until the internet, and, still, no one was really talking about it, we just started having a lot more access to all sorts of…

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